Dental bur block

Dental bur blocks are a great way to keep dental burs and instruments organized and ready when needed. These blocks of metal or polymer feature holes to hold the bur shanks.

Dental burs

Dental burs are used for cutting hard tissues - tooth or bone. They are made of steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide and diamond grit.

Dental Handpiece

a dental instrument, either air driven or electrically driven, that holds various disks, cups, or burs, used to prepare a tooth to receive a restoration or to contour, clean, or polish a tooth or restoration.

Dental X ray unit

This is a machine used by dentists to take imagery of cavities in teeth and other diseases or disorder.

Dental steam sterilizer

Also called a steam sterilizer, the autoclave is the machine that harnesses the power of high temperature and high-pressure steam in order to sterilize germs on dental equipment, such as forceps, intended for reuse, thus ensuring its safety for the next patient.

Dental kit

Some collection of useful dental handy tools and equipment.

Dental Needle

Dental needles are available in three lengths: long, short, and ultra-short. The two most common lengths of needles used for intraoral injections with the traditional syringe are the "long" and the "short".

Dental Disposable Products

To be used and disposed off.

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