Petri Dish

A Petri, is a shallow cylindrical glass or plastic lidded dish that biologists use to culture cells – such as bacteria – or small mosses.

Pipette Tips

are used with pipettes and pipettors to speed processing and reduce cross-contamination.


Pipettes are an essential laboratory tool used to dispense measured volumes of liquids.

Plastic Beaker

are cylindrical, flat-bottomed vessels for mixing, analyzing, and transporting liquids, and often have a reinforced rim with a spout for pouring.


A spectrophotometer is an instrument that measures the amount of photons (the intensity of light) absorbed after it passes through sample solution.

Test Tube

this is a thin glass tube closed at one end, used to hold small amounts of material for laboratory testing or experiments.

Transfer Pipette

are plastic or glass pipettes used to transfer small amounts of liquids, but are not graduated or calibrated for any particular volume.

Urine Container

a small container for carrying urine sample for test.

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